Cop Rams SUV Into Man's Car, Man Is Charged With Crimes (Video)


Jeffery Pokora was charged after an off-duty police officer backed into his car twice with an SUV in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Jan. 14 (video below).

Pokora recently told CBC News that he witnessed the SUV drive through a stop sign and pass him on the left-hand side. Pokora reportedly followed the SUV's tracks in the snow to a house, because he feared the driver might be a drunk driver, on drugs or possibly a road rage motorist.

Pokora, who was not aware the driver was an off-duty cop, said that he had a brief discussion with the man, who did not identify himself as a cop.

"I asked the gentlemen, 'Excuse me sir, but you mind explaining to me what you, and why you, did what you did back there?'" Pokora wrote about the incident in the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality blog.

"The owner of the grey 4x4 then appeared to become enraged with such anger and hostility over my question, that he then proceeded to charge towards me, off his private property, and onto the public road way," Pokora added. "...The owner of the grey 4x4 then proceeds to take his right index finger and starts to poke and drill me several times and repeatedly into my left shoulder, thus the owner was now illegally assaulting me."

Pokora told CBC News that he returned to his car to call 911 and blocked the SUV to stop the driver from leaving the scene. A surveillance video shows the SUV ramming into Pokora's car twice.

Pokora said that the SUV then followed him several blocks, and he ran stop signs while trying to escape the SUV and calling the police.

Police did come to the scene, but they charged Pokora with harassment and intimidation. Pokora filed a complaint with the police but reportedly hasn't heard back about it.

In response, Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Laqreniere told CBC News that the situation was investigated and that the officer in question is still on duty. He added that the video doesn't show the whole story.

The prosecutor's office (the crown) will have to decide whether there any charges will be brought against the police officer, according to Laqreniere.

Sources: CBC NewsCollective Opposed to Police Brutality / Photo Credit: CBC News Screenshot

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