Cop Arrests Man for Filming 'Private Cars' From Public Sidewalk (Video)


A YouTube user with the handle “Damon Enz” was arrested by a police officer in Covina, California, on June 30 for filming “private cars” from a public sidewalk.

Enz posted a video (below) of the incident on YouTube yesterday, which shows a police officer asking what he is filming.

“I’m on a public sidewalk, sir,” Enz tells the police officer, who responds, “You’re videotaping private cars."

The police officer refuses to speak his own name, but says his name is on his uniform, which reads, "N. Counts,” notes

The officer then tells Enz that he's conducting an investigation involving the cars. The officer requests Enz's I.D. multiple times, but Enz repeatedly tells the officer that he doesn't have any identification on him. Enz gives his first name, but nothing else.

"Honestly, I’m going to detain you if you don’t answer my questions because I’m conducting a criminal investigation,” states the officer. “I have lawful authority to detain you.”

The police officer then pats down and handcuffs Enz, whose video camera falls on the grass.

“You are obstructing my investigation, you are under arrest,” states the police officer.

According to, Enz's mom came outside, picked up the video camera and kept recording the scene.

Oddly, she was not arrested or detained for doing exactly what her son did.

Enz was locked up in jail for six hours, but the charges were dropped, even though the police officer repeatedly claimed that he was following procedure and Enz had broken the law.

U.S. courts have ruled that citizens may film law enforcement as long as they do not obstruct an investigation, noted



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