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Man Loses Job And Home For Saying The F-Word (Video)

Matthew Corder arrested and Tased Deric Baize for using profanity in October 2014 in Bullitt County, Kentucky, which led to Baize losing his job and his home. Now, Corder is paying the price (video below).

Corder was convicted of two counts of federal civil rights violations, and sentenced on Oct. 17 to 27 months in prison, reports WDRB.

Corder's own body camera video was used by the Department of Justice against him, notes WDRB, which recently aired the footage.

The Bullitt County deputy reportedly blocked Baize’s driveway with a squad car while lingering around after a call about another case. Baize asked Corder to move his squad car, but Corder didn't. Baize responded with, "F--- off," according to court papers.

On Corder's body camera video, he is seen telling Baize: "No, no, no, no, no. F--- you gets you a whole different ballgame, buddy. You get to go to jail tonight."

Corder forces his way into Baize's home, and says: "You’re about to get your ass Tased."

"I am asking a question," Baize responds.

"You're going to get Tased right now," Corder says right before using the electrical weapon on Baize.

The Marshall Project reported in 2015 that it is legal to use profanity at the police, but many people are still arrested for doing so. The only time police can lawfully arrest someone is if the profanity amounts to "fighting words" that are meant to incite violence.

Corder charged Baize with fleeing and evading, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Baize was imprisoned for two weeks; he lost his job and, eventually, his house.

After Corder's body camera video surfaced, Bullitt County dismissed all of the criminal charges against Baize. The case was turned over to the FBI, which investigated Corder.

WDRB notes that Corder has a history of excessive force accusations while with the Louisville Police Department, which eventually fired him; Corder was later hired by Bullitt County.

Sources:  WDRB (2), The Marshall Project / Photo credit: WDRB via YouTube

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