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Cop Arrested For Allegedly Sending Sex Pictures Of 2-Year-Old Child


A Florida police officer has found himself on the other side of the prison bars after allegedly sending sexually perverse images of a two-year-old girl.

Joshua Smith, 32, has been charged with one count of directing or promoting the sexual performance of a 2-year-old girl, according to WCTV.

He had been working with the police department in Oakland, Florida, for nine years when the incident occurred.

According to the police report, Smith had been allegedly sending messages as well as images on social media that depicted sexual acts with the girl. However, the former officer did not count on the FBI receiving the messages via an undercover agent.

In the conversation with the agent, Smith used the pseudonym James King, and called himself a "no limit perv" who was looking for someone like him to talk to. After this, he allegedly sent three graphic images that showed he had abused the child. 

"It is appalling and outrageous to all law enforcement who worked this case and will outrage others around the country," said Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County on Thursday. "The communication is so horrific, so graphic, so outrageous, that a normal person would never be able to comprehend."

He was arrested on Wednesday with a bond set at $150,000.

It is not yet determined whether he will have an attorney to defend him or if he will be appointed one. 

More charges may arise as officials analyze his computer and cellphone.

Source: USA Today Photo Credit: WKMG, Shutterstock


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