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Police Allow Dog To Maul Innocent Black Man (Video)

St. Paul, Minnesota, police released a video (below) on Nov. 4 of a cop kicking an innocent black man who was also mauled by a police dog on June 24.

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell announced on Nov. 7 that the officer, Brett Palkowitsch, is no longer employed, notes KSTP.

Axtell said the K-9 officer, Brian Ficcadenti, was suspended for 30 days.

The news station did not identify the black man, but The Free Thought project notes that his name is Frank Baker.

Baker's lawyer, Robert Bennett, said the dog tore "hunks of flesh" and bit "down to the bone."

St. Paul Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Mike Ernster said on Nov. 4 that officers were responding to a call about a group of people fighting, one of whom was armed with a gun, reports KSTP.

Ernster said that Baker did not comply with officers' demands and was apprehended by the K-9 unit, and was kicked three times in the ribs by Palkowitsch.

The Free Thought Project posted graphic pictures of Baker's injuries and noted: "For over 4 months, police kept the dashcam of the incident secret, in an obvious attempt to cover their heinous attack."

Axtell said that releasing the video -- four months after the incident --- was "the right thing to do," notes KTSP.

"After this incident, I met with the man injured in the video while he was still in the hospital," Axtell stated. "At that time, I assured and promised him a full review was being conducted. I met with him again today in my office and offered my deepest apologies on behalf of the police department."

Axtell wrote on Facebook on Nov. 4:

When I became chief, I promised to do everything possible to ensure that the people we serve have faith in their police department. I want you all to know that the video does not reflect the way we strive to do our jobs — day in, day out. This is not the Saint Paul way.


Sources: KSTP, The Free Thought Project / Photo credit: St. Paul, Minnesota, Police via YouTube

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