See It: Restrained Man Attacked By Police K-9 (Video)


Carroll County, Arkansas sheriff’s deputy D.J. Harlan is facing heavy public criticism after he allowed his K-9 unit dog to attack a handcuffed and restrained man. The matter was made even worse when Harlan allowed the dog to repeatedly bite the man for over 90 seconds before getting the animal under control.

Harlan and other Carroll County sheriff’s deputies were at the house of Brennan Bradley after a neighbor reported that Bradley had a gun. Bradley reportedly ran out the back door of his house and surrendered to the deputies soon after. When the video starts, Bradley is handcuffed and laying on the ground.

Harlan is seen walking around the scene holding his K-9 dog, Tyson. At one point, Tyson lunges forward and starts barking. Harlan tells the dog to settle down, but seconds later Tyson is free from Harlan’s control and attacks Bradley.

Bradley yells and writhes in pain on the ground as Tyson attacks him. Harlan comes over and immediately yells at Bradley for moving as the dog sinks his teeth into him.

“Stop f**king moving!” Harlan says.

Bradley then manages to lay calm on the ground, but the dog continues biting him. It takes Harlan almost 90 seconds to get the dog to release his bite on Bradley.

Here’s the video:

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Michael Zimmerman refused to blame Harlan for mishandling the dog.

"It's not like this particular dog just runs and bites anyone who is around," Zimmerman told Carroll County News. "There are specific things he looks for. This guys rolls over on his right side and Tyson thinks he's trying to run away."

Zimmerman would only say that more communication was needed at the scene.

"When a K-9 team is on the scene, everything needs to be communicated," Zimmerman said. "No one communicated with the K-9."

Sources: Carroll County News, Free Thought Project


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