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Cop Accused of Secretly Filming Men Using Bathroom, Getting Oral Sex (Video)

A police officer in Chesterfield, Missouri, is accused of secretly recording men using a bathroom at a local gas station and filming men whom he performed sex acts on at his house.

According to Chesterfield Police Chief Ray Johnson, former Police Officer David Cerna was charged with invasion of privacy (video below).

Police Chief Johnson said that Officer Cerna is no longer employed with the police department.

Cerna allegedly set up a camera in a vent at a service station bathroom to film men using the toilet, noted KDSK (video below).

The police investigation found that the videos had been posted on a porn website, which led law enforcement to a home owned by Cerna in St. Charles County, Missouri.

According to police, Officer Cerna also posted an ad on Craigslist asking straight men to come to his house and receive oral sex through a hole in a door. However, the men never knew there was a man, instead of a woman, giving them oral sex on the other side of the door. These incidents were also allegedly filmed in secret by Cerna.

“We of course are deeply saddened and disturbed that one of our officers acted in such a reprehensible manner,” Police Chief Johnson said in a statement, noted the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “However, once we learned of his involvement, we acted swiftly to minimize the possibility of any additional victims, and to hold Officer Cerna accountable for his actions.”

Sources: St. Louis Post-DispatchKDSK


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