Cop Accused Of Hacking Camera To Spy On Nude Mom


A 28-year-old dispatcher in Michigan discovered she was being watched through a camera on one of several devices in her nursery while breastfeeding her baby.

After the nanny cam's green light flash turned on, young mother Megan Pearce activated the "find my iPhone" function on her boyfriend's cell phone and found that the location of the cell phone watching her matched the address of a Hazel Park police officer, The Daily Beast reports.

Pearce has filed a lawsuit against Hazel Park police officer Michael Emmi, whom she accuses of spying on her after he arrested her fiance.

The complaint was filed in a U.S. district court and accuses Emmi of violating the 4th Amendment, federal wiretapping laws, and state laws against the invasion of privacy and eavesdropping.

The alleged voyeurism took place after Emmi had arrested Pearce's fiance, 33-year-old Cody Fuhrman, for drug possession and manufacture.

Pearce said she first noticed the green-light on the nanny cam flashing on her Nest Cam baby monitor a day or two after Fuhrman's arrest -- while she and her son were naked, exiting the tub.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Hazel Park Police Chief Martin Barner shrugged off the allegations, and referred to Emmi as an "exemplary" officer. Barner stated:

I seriously have my doubts if these allegations are true. How does she know where my officer lived? There are a lot of gray areas here. What is she doing cohabitating with a felon? Maybe she’s got a bigger issue than my officer. There’s a lot more to this than "oh this police officer was spying on me while I was naked." Seriously?

Barner's painting of Emmi as "exemplary" seems to belie the officer's troubled history, however: he was sued in 2010 for conducting an illegal home search, and again in 2013 for using a taser in a hospital.

Pearce's attorney, Jonathan Marko, told The Daily Beast:

"You would think that in a police department, if somebody made some pretty serious allegations against one of your officers saying they violated the public trust … they would want to ask some questions and investigate."

Sources: The Daily Beast, Detroit Free Press / Photo credit: Candice Williams via The Detroit News

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