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Cop Accused Of Beating Wife While She Was Driving, Causing Crash

Jonathan Osborne, a police officer in Louisville, Kentucky, was recently arrested in Clark County, Indiana, for allegedly punching his wife while she was driving their car on Sunday night.

"It was an incident that occurred on the roadways of Clark County where it is alleged that he punched his wife, who was driving a car, which did result in that car leaving the roadway," prosecutor Jeremy Mull told WLKY.

After the car crashed into a parked tractor, two witnesses driving behind the couple stopped their vehicle to help. One of those witnesses claimed he saw Officer Osborne kick his wife and attempt to choke her.

"One of the citizens that did observe the crash did end up being in an altercation with the defendant here trying to restrain him and to keep him from assaulting the victim in the case," added Mull.

According to WAVE 3, police officers, who responded to the scene, claimed that Osborne appeared to be "very intoxicated" and smelled of alcohol.

Officer Osborne allegedly tried to spit on the responding officers and kick out a window inside their police car.

Osborne's wife was transported to a local hospital for treatments of her injuries, which may include a broken arm.

Osborne has been charged with numerous crimes including: "aggravated battery, domestic battery, battery, resisting law enforcement, criminal recklessness and public intoxication," reports WAVE 3.

Sources: WLKY, WAVE 3
Image Credit Clark County, Indiana, Sheriff's Office Media Handout


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