Cop Accidentally Shoots Undercover Officer (Video)


Video (below) of an Albuquerque, New Mexico, police lieutenant accidentally shooting an undercover officer was released the day after a settlement was reached in the case.

Lt. Greg Brachle and officer Jacob Grant of the Albuquerque Police Department were on an undercover drug bust when Brachle shot Grant nine times, mistaking him for a criminal, KOAT reports.

In a video of the incident taken from a lapel camera attached to Brachle, the lieutenant can be seen sitting in his truck on an undercover operation.

After getting out of his truck and approaching a vehicle that officers were targeting in the sting operation, Brachle yells at people to put their hands up before firing several shots. He then realizes that he wasn't shooting at a suspect but instead had just fired at Grant.

"I'm sorry," he screams. "I didn't know it was you. ... I thought you were a bad guy."

Grant was rushed to the hospital and underwent several surgeries for the gunshot wounds he suffered, and he has been in and out of the hospital since the incident. A lawsuit was ultimately filed, resulting in a $6.5 million settlement with the city. The settlement was reached during the week of March 28.

"My family and I wish to express our profound gratitude to the community, my fellow APD officers, Chief (Gorden) Eden and my medical staff," Grant, who turned 38 in March, said following the settlement, according to KOAT.

"We are hopeful that this incident will be positively used to improve law enforcement training, practices, policies and procedures," he added.

Brachle retired following the incident, just before the Police Oversight Agency recommended that he be fired. The agency's executive direct, Edward Harness, said the lieutenant made a number of mistakes that led to him shooting Grant. The shooting, Harness said, could have been prevented using common sense.

"It should have been evident to Brachle where Grant was in that car," he added.

Brachle was Grant's supervisor and reportedly decided to respond to the drug bust even though he hadn't attended the briefing beforehand.

Brachle and Grant worked together for more than two years at the time of the shooting.

Sources: Albuquerque Police Department via YouTube, KOAT / Photo credit: Albuquerque Police Department via Daily Mail

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