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Cop Accidentally Pepper Sprays Other Cops During Violent Arrest (Video)

A dash-cam video from Nov. 28, 2013, recently surfaced and it appears to show a police officer in Palm Beach, Florida, accidentally pepper spraying two other officers.

The video (below) shows the officers slamming a suspect, identified by the video as Shawn Hawkins, against his own van and then taking him down to the ground.

Hawkins was stopped by police because he was allegedly involved in a domestic dispute.

CBS 12 reports, "While the video does not show Hawkins in an aggressive stance, or acting physically toward the police, due to his general behavior the officers decided to place Hawkins under arrest."

According to The Free Thought Project, "Multiple officers can be seen attacking Hawkins until one of the officers takes out his pepper spray and shoots everyone in their face. Hawkin's (sic) then gets a short break from his beating, and attempted to comply with the officer who had just sprayed everyone, but was then assaulted again by the officer."

CBS 12 notes that the officers also used a stun gun on Hawkins, and a female officer punched him twice in the area of his kidneys.

Hawkins was later charged with resisting arrest and battery of a law enforcement officer.

(Note: Pepper spray happens at 2:00 mark)

Sources: The Free Thought Project, CBS 12
Image Credit: U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet/Wikimedia Commons


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