"Coors Man" Turned Superhero Flanks Would-Be Assailant


In an epic metamorphosis, an Oklahoma beer deliveryman-turned-cape crusader took down a would-be assailant trying to commit armed robbery.

Brock Nulph, a beer deliveryman for Pope Beer Distributing, was making his weekly Monday morning stop at D&T Convenience Store when the attempted robbery began to unfold.

An unidentified 14-year-old boy entered D&T wearing a makeshift mask. Kristi Sheimann was the store’s cashier at the time and she recalls telling to boy take the mask off or leave the stores premises.  

"I said, 'What do you need? You need to go back outside or take that stuff off your face, you can't be in here like that,'" said Shiemann.

According to Shiemann, the boy took a few steps back and just silently waited as customers filed in and out of the store, going about their every day business.

When the last customer exited the store, the assailant made his move against Shiemann, holding a pointed object that appeared to be a gun underneath his sweater.

Shiemann quickly managed to grab a Taser before diving over the counter in search of help. She was able to make it to the back of the store where Nulph was still obliviously stocking beer.

Nulph went into instant action mode and subdued the boy, with a brisk slam to the tile floor. It was later discovered that the object shrouded in the boy’s sweater was merely a stick, but up until that point both the clerk and deliveryman believed he was armed.

Nulph is of good stature and was able to keep the would-be robber pinned underneath his weight until the local authorities arrived on sight. While on top of the boy, Nulph’s only question was ‘why aren’t you in school?’ The boy replied that he had been suspended from school, which apparently justified an attempted robbery.

Local police arrested the boy, who has since been charged with armed robbery as well as possession of marijuana, tobacco and drug paraphernalia.  

"Brock is my hero. I'll tell that to the whole world," Shiemann told KWTV. "I love that Coors man."


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