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Cooler Of Suspected Ebola Samples Stolen From Red Cross In Guinea

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A cooler that contained blood samples from suspected Ebola patients was stolen from a Red Cross vehicle in Guinea, reports say.

The car jackers took off with the samples earlier this week, but a senior Red Cross official seems confident that the robbers would dispose of the cooler when they realized that it didn’t contain anything of monetary value.

“No doubt they thought it was something else," Red Cross head Youssouf Traoré said.

Meanwhile, the death toll has continued to rise worldwide in the Ebola epidemic. According to the WHO, 5,459 people have died of the virus out of 15,351 cases as of November 18th. “Transmission remains intense in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone," the WHO reported.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there were 105 new cases of Ebola and 39 deaths since the WHO report. It is also being reported that all six cases in Mali have died and their combined 327 contacts are currently being monitored.

Despite the increase in Ebola-related deaths, the WHO did conclude that the Ebola outbreak in the Republic of Congo was officially over, as no new cases had been reported and those who were being monitored were showing no symptoms at the end of their incubation periods.

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