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Convicted Serial Rapist Asks Hawaii Judge For Death Penalty

A Hawaii man who pleaded guilty to raping three women in Honolulu told a judge he believes he should die for his crimes. 

KITV News reports Asofitu Fio appeared before a Honolulu judge for his sentencing Tuesday. Fio had pleaded guilty to 14 counts, including eight counts of sexual assault and three counts of kidnapping.

“I know how serious the crimes I have committed,” Fio said, speaking to the judge through a translator. “I believe I deserve the death sentence.”

Prosecutors said 30-year-old Fio attacked three women over a period of six months. The 2013 crimes kicked off one of the Honolulu Police Department’s largest manhunts, according to Hawaii News Now.

Deputy City Prosecutor Rochelle Vidinha said the Samoan man’s crimes were particularly brutal. Fio punched, choked and smothered his victims, and told them he would kill them if they went to the police, Vidinha said. 

Police arrested Fio in December 2013 because he matched the description, given by witnesses,  of a man said to have raped a woman earlier that month. A DNA sample from that crime scene matched a sample taken from Fio. Because the December crime so closely resembled two other rapes that had been reported in May and June, police eventually charged Fio with all three assaults.  

“I want to apologize for those I have harmed physically, mentally and also emotionally,” Fio told the judge Tuesday. “I give it to you, your honor, if it can be done. I don't want to live anymore. I don't deserve life.”

Capital punishment has been illegal in Hawaii since 1957, according to The Huffington Post.

One of Fio’s victims also appeared in court Tuesday and said she had forgiven him.

The judge sentenced Fio to 40 years in prison.

Sources: KITV News, Hawaii News Now, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: KHON2Hawaii News Now


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