Convicted Detroit Murderers Take Defiant Stance, Yawn As Judge Hands Down Life Sentences


Two men, convicted in the high-profile murders of two Detroit-area teens, took a defiant stance Wednesday as they listened to statements from their victims’ family members and waited for their sentences to be handed down. 

The Daily Mail reports Frederick Young, 25, and Felando Hunter, 24, “yawned and feigned total disinterest” as Judge Dalton Robertson sentenced them to life without parole. 

The two were convicted in December of first-degree murder, felony murder, torture, armed robbery and unlawful imprisonment for the 2012 murders of 18-year-old Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish, 17, according to the Detroit Free Press

Prosecutors said Young and Hunter first robbed the teens before killing them and dumping their bodies in a vacant lot. Police believe the two men forced the teens to strip at gunpoint, then put them in the trunk of their car before driving them to the lot and shooting them, execution style. 

Robertson allowed the victims’ families time to make statements prior to sentencing the two men. 

Virgie Kudla, Jacob Kudla’s mother, said: “Not only did (Young) take away my son's future he took away my future. My future as a mother. He was my only son. He was my only child. ... I did everything I thought I was supposed to.”

“I stand here today broken inside,” said Carrie Bobbish, Jourdan Bobbish’s mom. “I have sorrow in my heart, soul and every fiber of my being today, and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life here on Earth.”

Young, who was also given an opportunity to speak, responded with a long statement that mentioned several high-profile deaths of African-Americans across the country. 

“I'd like to say sorry to the family of Aiyana Jones, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and I want to apologize for them for not being able to get justice for their loved ones who were murdered in cold blood and in respect for the peaceful protest I want to say hands up, don't shoot, black lives matter,” he said.

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(Frederick Young)

Jourdan Bobbish’s brother, Joshua Bobbish, said later he thought Young was out of line.

“It was pretty ignorant for him to ask forgiveness for murders of others when you have chosen to take someone else's life,” Joshua Bobbish is quoted as saying in The Detroit News. “In a room full of people who were hurting he was apologizing for the actions of others instead of the actions he took. I feel bad for him; obviously, he doesn't understand what he did to our family.”

Hunter did not make a statement. 

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(Felando Hunter)

In addition to their life sentences, Hunter and Young also received 50 to 75 years for torture and 50 to 75 years for armed robbery. They also received an additional two years for firearms charges and Young received another five for being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

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Photo Credit: Marie Osborne/WWJ,


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