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Convicted Christian Rocker Admits He Lied About Faith To Sell Records

Sentenced to six years in a murder-for-hire plot, Christian heavy metal singer Timothy Lambesis admitted he’s an atheist who pretended to be Christian to sell records.

Convicted of telling an undercover cop that he wanted to have his estranged wife Meggan Lambesis killed last year, the 33-year-old As I Lay Dying front man pleaded guilty to solicitation to murder.

“Truthfully, I was an atheist,” the 33-year-old As I Lay Dying front man told the Alternative Press in an interview. “The 'strategy' I had at the time was cowardly. Two of the songs on that record were about coming to grips with the idea that life has no purpose, no meaning.”

“These were negative themes I wasn't 'allowed' to deal with in As I Lay Dying songs,” he said. “I thought making As I Lay Dying darker would be bad for my career. That was my thinking.”

In a 2010 radio interview, Lambesis said his songwriting was inspired by his faith.

"I can only really write about what I'm passionate about in life, so naturally my faith, my belief in the teachings of Jesus and His resurrection come across in our lyrics," he said.

Lambesis claims he’s not the only one pretending. He said his bandmates and other Christian bands shared his “strategy.”

But as the band became popular among devout Christians the lie became awkward.

“When kids would want to pray with us after shows, I'd be like, 'Um, go ahead and pray!' I would just let them pray,” he said. “I'd say 'Amen.' If praying while I have my hand on their shoulder makes them feel better, I didn't want to take that away from them.”

“When they would specifically ask me to pray for something, I'd say, 'I don't really like to pray out loud, but I'll take that with me to the bus',” he admitted.

According to court documents, Meggan Lambesis filed for divorce in September 2012 after eight years of marriage. Her husband later told his personal trainer that he wanted her dead because she was going to take up to 60 percent of his income and wouldn’t allow his three young children to tour with him.

“He wanted to know if maybe I could find someone to do it for him,” his trainer, Brett Kimball, testified at a pretrial hearing.

An undercover cop testified that Lambesis told him during a meeting, “Just to clarity, just so you know, I do want her dead.”

Sources: Alternative Press, Daily Mail


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