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Child Molester Attacks 7-Year-Old, Claims He Was Sleeping

A Florida man convicted of molesting a 7-year-old girl left in his care says he can’t be held responsible for something he did in his sleep.

Caleb Ruh, 29, says he took the anti-anxiety drug Xanas and suffered a bought of “sexsomnia” when he kissed and fondled the girl at his Flagler County home in July 2012.

Psychology Today defines sexsomnia as “sleep related sexual behaviors that includes masturbation, fondling, sexual intercourse with climax, and sexual assault/rape.”

While he may have appeared conscious, he was asleep and has no memory of the incident, the Daily Mail reported.

In 2009, a Georgia man was acquitted of molestation charges after he claims he was suffering from sexsomnia.

The victim in Ruh’s case told her mother that he had previously blindfolded her and made her play a “game” where he would put things into her mouth and asked her to guess what they were.

A Broward County Child Protective Team who interviewed the child found she had been the victim of two acts of sexual violence, Flagler Live reported.

After deliberating for 90 minutes, the jury returned a guilty verdict.

Ruh was convicted of lewd and lascivious molestation of a child and faces up to life in prison.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Sept. 29.

Sources: WJXT-TV, Daily Mail, Flagler Live

Image credit: Flagler County Sheriff's Office, Facebook


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