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Watch: What Animal Picks Up When You Dial 911 On Toy Phone? (Video)

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you dial 911 on a children’s toy phone? A controversial video on YouTube revealed just that.

In the video, a toy phone is pictured with different animals on the keypad. The person dialing punches in the three numbers and lets the “phone” ring.

“Nice to talk to you, pig,” the voice coming from the toy says after the number is dialed. An “oink, oink” sound can be heard before the cameraman and the caller laugh and the video ends.

Responses to the video on Reddit ranged from those who seemed to appreciate the video as a joke to those who had no idea what to expect in the first place.

“I thought it was actually going to call the police,” Redditor ArosHD said. “Thought it was going to be some kind of morale lesson, But much better message in the end,” JVAN_EH wrote.

Watch the video below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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