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Controversial Sign In Baltimore Police Van Triggers Investigation (Photos)

An investigation has been launched by the Baltimore, Maryland, Police Department after a passerby snapped pictures of a sign that reads, “Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will” inside a police van.

The police van’s door was left open on the street near the Central District Police Station on Baltimore Street and the passerby captured four photos—two of the controversial sign inside the van’s door and the others of the vehicle from different angles.

The photos were shared with local television station WBAL-TV 11.

(Photo Credit: WBAL-TV 11)

The sign is clearly positioned so anyone in the back of the van, who is presumably being taken into custody by the police, may read it clearly.

The photos have triggered an internal investigation at the Baltimore Police Department.

"The nature and the posting of wording in one of our transport vehicles is both concerning and unacceptable. We have recently become aware of the wording and have begun an internal investigation to determine all the circumstances surrounding its placement and to identify the person or persons responsible for its posting. This is an incident that is being taken very seriously,” Baltimore City police said in a statement.

Baltimore Police have confirmed that the sign is authentic, reports The Daily Mail. They said it is unknown how the sign was put inside the van, who did it, or for how long it has been there.

The discovery of the sign comes in the wake of six Baltimore police officers being indicted in the death of Freddie Gray. He died while in police custody in April following a “high-energy injury” while riding in a Baltimore Police van. The officers allegedly failed to follow procedures and so Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide. All six of the officers pleaded not guilty.

Sources: WBAL-TV 11, The Daily Mail

Photo Source: WBAL-TV 11


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