Controversial Oreo Breastfeeding Ad Leaked


An ad for Oreo cookies showing a baby breastfeeding from his mother with the tagline, ‘Milk’s favorite cookie’ has shown up on the web (pictured left).

The ad, released in South Korea, is causing a great deal of controversy. The Huffington Post is reporting that Kraft foods has stated the baby holding the Oreo cookie while preparing to breastfeed should not have gone public.

Breastfeeding photos are controversial, with Facebook recently removing a photo of a mother breastfeeding due to it’s “sexual explicitness”.  A child breastfeeding with an Oreo cookie in his hand is beyond controversial.

People who have seen the photo are sounding off on twitter with most of the comments being negative.

Seeing a baby breastfeeding definitely does not make me want to purchase an Oreo.  This has nothing to do with my personal feelings about breastfeeding.  The ad may not be deemed as appropriate but it is definitely getting everyone talking – though not necessarily about the Oreo.

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