Controversial Minimum Wage Billboard Posted In San Francisco (Photo)


A new billboard in San Francisco is catching people's attention.

The billboard, which was first reported by Pando Daily’s Paul Carr, claims that a proposed raise to San Francisco's minimum wage will result in companies turning to technology to replace low-end workers in the restaurant industry.

The billboard sports a headline saying “SAN FRANCISCO, Meet your minimum wage replacement,” and then shows an iPad with the message “Hello, how may I take your order” displayed on it:

As Carr reports, the billboard was posted by the Employment Policies Institute, a conservative lobbying group that regularly campaigns on behalf of the restaurant industry. The billboard includes a web address to, a site run by the Employment Policies Institute arguing against the wage hike.

The proposed legislation would gradually increase the minimum wage in San Francisco every year between now and 2018, when it would hit $15 an hour. 

Sources: Pando Daily, San Francisco Examiner

Photo Sources: Pando Daily,


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