Steroids Found at Oscar Pistorius' Home Offer Possible Clues About Reeva Steenkamp's Death

A graphic cartoon strip has been published depicting the final minutes before Oscar Pistorius allegedly shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, dead.

The controversial drawings show Pistorius pointing a gun at the model. According to The Daily Mail, the release of the cartoon strip comes on the heels of the announcement that steroids were reportedly found at “Blade Runner’s” home.

The discovery of steroids has given police a new angle on the case. They are now believed to be investigating if Pistorius may have shot Steenkamp in a fit of so-called “steroid rage” - an explosion of aggression caused by performance-boosting drugs.

The South African Police Service refused to respond to the claim, but sources close to investigation had previously said that steroid range was one line of inquiry into the case. Along with the drugs, there was also evidence of heavy drinking at Pistorius’s home.

City Press, a South African news website, published the cartoon showing what it believes unfolded at Pistorius’s home. It shows a female silhouette throwing her hands in the air as she loses her balance while the male character, Pistorius, points a gun at her. The cartoon also depicts a blood-spattered cricket bat at the foot of the bed and shows bullet holes through a bathroom door. The last frame of the cartoon shows the male figure carrying the female down the stairs with her arms and legs flailing loosely.

Although Pistorius initially claimed that he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder and that’s why he shot her, police have dismissed that speculation. The former Olympic athlete was known to have kept a pistol by his bed and a machine gun at his bedroom window. There have also been reports that Pistorius accidentally discharged a gun in a busy Johannesburg restaurant. The shot reportedly nearly hit his friend's foot.

Pistorius is currently awaiting the result of his bail application. He is expected to find out the decision tomorrow.

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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