Control your fears Jan, not your constituents

Do not be afraid Jan.  Be bold.  Be a leader.  Stop running with the pack of establishment politicians, and take the lead on an issue that concerns so many in this country. 

God gave us the cannabis plant, so that we may use it for our own benefit.  How each of us uses this gift for our own benefit is at the core of personal liberty and responsibilities.  Do not let your heart be fearful, nor your mind troubled. 

If you cannot find the compassion in your heart for those who suffer, then find the liberty in your mind to trust Americans and Arizonans to have good judgment and to regulate ourselves, rather than impose unwanted and unwarranted regulation upon us all.

This land does not need yet another tyrant imposing their will upon us.  We need true conservative leadership to set us free from the bonds of those who would dictate our every action to us.

The most harmful side effects of cannabis use are jail, prison, and corrupt law enforcement and politicians.

Stand out from the crowd and free the tree, Jan!

Fear and lies are such unattractive qualities in a leader!


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