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Contractor Brought In To Fix Room, Becomes Horrified When He Looks Inside Home

A contractor in Missouri went the extra mile to help a woman with cancer get a new roof.

When Joanna Wiley realized there was a leak right above her 3-year-old daughter's bedroom, she tried to fix the roof herself, KTVI reports. However, she fell from a ladder onto her front porch and was treated for a traumatic brain injury. To make matters worse, doctors later discovered she also had thyroid cancer.

Wiley took to Facebook and posted a video asking others to help fix her roof.

"That’s all I’m asking for is a safe place for me and my family to live," she said in the video, according to KTVI. Six months passed with no response — until roofer Edward Aguado stepped in.

"I was like, who is this Ed, what does he want?" Wiley told the news station of her first interaction with Aguado.

"At first I thought it was a scam," she added.

A friend, it turned out, told Aguado of Wiley’s video, prompting him to help.

Aguado was terrified at the sight of the home. It was just in such bad shape. He knew he had to do something. 

"She’s literally sitting in there watching water pour into her daughter’s room so me and my sales guy Matt, we came up there, boarded it up, tarped it, and three days later I had a new roof on her house," he said. 

Aguado’s company, Edwards Roofing and Repair, also gave Wiley new decking and other companies supplied discounted materials. The 40-year roof is reportedly worth $9,000 to $10,000. 

“I want to thank you,” she told Aguado in an emotional meeting on July 11.

"A handshake's not right," she added before hugging him.

“It makes it 100 percent worth it," Aguado said of Wiley's reaction. "We’re glad we did it. I was in a position where I could help and I wanted to help. It was really as simple as that.”

Many other news outlets picked up the story, and it quickly went viral after it was shared on Facebook by Mad World News. Many readers on the Facebook page praised Aguado. 

“God bless this man and pray for the mother,” one reader commented.

“He was her guardian Angel sent to help her," another added. "I wish more people would take the time to listen and see the people who really need help and offer anything because some people finally just give up and never recover. Thank you for helping her and there are [...] few like you Sir. I wish there were people like this here in Oklahoma because there are so many that need help and nobody listening."


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