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Continued Bullying, Shaming Push Daisy Coleman To Attempt Suicide

The heartbreaking story of Daisy Coleman continues.

The now 16-year-old Coleman, you may remember, claims she was raped at a party in January of 2012. On the night of the rape, Coleman got too intoxicated at a party. That’s when at least one, and possibly more, football players from her high school allegedly raped her. The rape was recorded, though Maryville prosecutors have since sealed the tape. After the incident, the football players left a passed out Coleman in the cold in front of her house.

After the alleged rape was publicized, hacking group Anonymous vowed to pressure prosecutors to reopen the case against the football players. They succeeded. But although Daisy Coleman found support from thousands of news viewers across the nation, she was also met by fierce opposition from people claiming both that she deserved to be raped because of how drunk she was and that she was lying in order to frame popular football player Matthew Barnett.

Coleman was forced to change schools and move from Maryville, Missouri. The bullying and threats she was receiving at school were too much to bear. And though she seemed to be doing better for a few months, it didn’t take long for the bullying demons of her past to come back and haunt her.

Coleman tried to commit suicide on Sunday night. Her mother, Melinda Coleman, spoke to the media yesterday about her daughter’s attempt.

Coleman says she let Daisy briefly attend a party on Friday night. When she returned home, she was met with a stream of hateful messages from girls she’d previously considered to be friends.

“I had let her go to a party with a friend, she was there for an hour and a half. Then she came home and saw Facebook,” Melinda Coleman said. “(One girl) decided to write something saying "you're a fake and a phoney," "you wanted it" and "you're a slut" because she went to the party.”

Another called Daisy a “hypocrite” for attending the party. Melinda Coleman wrote back to the girl’s online, whom responded by defending their insults against Daisy.

“She has been through so much and she has done so little” Coleman said. “All the other kids are out partying and doing all this stuff and she isn't, she's at home with me all the time. The second they see her at a party for five minutes drinking a Redbull it's all over Facebook and they're tearing her to smithereens...They just won't leave her alone. Literally, I have a large grocery bag full of the messages that I've printed off Facebook. Full of them. F*** you comments, get out of town, all of it.”

Then, on Sunday night, Coleman noticed Daisy acting strangely.

“She was in her room (Sunday night) then she walked into her brother's room and said she was seeing ghosts and she was freaking out,” Coleman said.

Melinda Coleman, a doctor herself, quickly realized what was happening. Her daughter was trying to overdose on pills. She forced Daisy to vomit while an ambulance rushed to their house. Daisy was taken to the hospital and her stomach was pumped. She remains in the hospital at this time and is yet to regain full cognitive functioning. Doctors are not sure whether she will suffer permanent damage from her attempt.

“She's not coherent, she makes no sense, she's like a two year old,” Coleman said. “I asked the nurse if she thought she would get better and she said there was no way of telling.”

Meanwhile, prosecutor Jean Baker is preparing to release her report on Daisy’s case. Baker was assigned to re-investigate the alleged rape in October after the case was reopened. Coleman is not getting her hopes up though, as she still believes too much evidence was destroyed in the past for any new charges to be brought forward.

“I appreciate so much what she has done but I do think the people before her were covering for themselves and they were lying and cheating and deleting evidence so I think we will learn something but it will not be enough,” she said. “I feel pretty helpless. I feel like there's no justice, like people can destroy my children, my family, my life and take away my career and my home and there's nothing I can do about it.”

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