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Mom Unhappy After Philadelphia Police Give Ride To Her Two Young Daughters (Video)

Officers from the 1st District Philadelphia police gave two young girls a ride to school on Thursday morning, prompting an unexpected response from their mother.

Siryah and Starsheya Taylor missed their bus and were walking to school when police picked them up.

FOX 29 reported that a 911 call notified police of the Taylor sisters walking alone in south Philadelphia. Police arrived and offered to drive the girls to school.

Philadelphia Police Captain Louis Campione said, “The supervisors advised the officers to drive the children to school. They brought them into school. Checked them in with the office and wrote the report and went on their way.” 

However, Contessa Taylor, the girls’ mom, was unhappy that she was not notified right away. She learned about the incident from a neighbor, who told her she saw the girls being taken away in a police cruiser.

"They are saying they did me a favor by taking them to school and not notifying me," Taylor explained.

She continued, “I started crying. I broke down and i got here and I was hysterical.”

While the police did admit the officers should have called Taylor to notify her of the event, Campione supports the decision to help civilians in this type of situation. The department is attempting to engage with the community in a more positive way.

"The intent was to protect those children. To get them in school. To get them educated and to make their day less stressful than it was," he said.

While Taylor was grateful for the help her children received, she was unhappy with how it was handled.

She told FOX 29, “I don't want them not to trust the police but they need to be aware they need to let their mother know. They need to let them say call my mom before they get in to say "call my mom”.”

Sources: MyFOXAtlanta, Youtube / Photo Source: MyFOXAtlanta


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