Construction Worker Rescued From Massive Fire In Houston Apartment Building (Video)


Video of a building under construction that caught fire in Houston on Tuesday was uploaded to Youtube today. The most stunning part: a construction worker who narrowly escaped the flames.

Karen Jones, who recorded the footage from a nearby building, feared for the man’s life.

“When we saw his foot slip,” Jones said, “we thought he was going to be gone.”

In the footage, a construction worker stands on an unfinished fifth floor balcony. At one point, the flames become so intense that he is forced to leap to the fourth floor balcony below.

As firefighters inch closer, the construction worker jumps from the balcony to the firefighter’s ladder, much to the relief of Jones and other onlookers.

As the ladder begins to retract, part of the fifth floor wall collapses and nearly lands on both men.

Fortunately, the fire was brought under control with no reports of injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Times Picayne


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