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Construction Crew Notices Something Strange About Rainbow, Makes Unbelievable Discovery (Video)

Construction Crew Notices Something Strange About Rainbow, Makes Unbelievable Discovery (Video) Promo Image

Amazing footage has shown the moment a breathtaking circular rainbow appeared in Russia (video below).

A construction crew captured the scene from a skyscraper showing this fascinating meteorological event, Daily Mail reports. While circular rainbows are rarely seen from the ground, they can most often be seen from high altitudes like in planes or from tall buildings.

The clip was reportedly shot by a construction worker inside of a crane in St. Petersburg, Russia, on a 1,515 foot high skyscraper.

All rainbows are actually fully circular, but at low altitudes, the bottom half of the formation is blocked by the horizon. A high altitude allows the entire circle of the rainbow to be seen -- the phenomena are sometimes reported by pilots who have a wide view from the front of a plane, but it's difficult to see them from the small passenger windows.

The height of the sun in the sky helps to determine how much of a rainbow's arc is visible from the ground, according to EarthSky.

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Sometimes, what is thought to be a full-circle rainbow is actually a number of other sky phenomena, such as airplane glories, where a plane's shadow is illuminated with ringed light from the sun.

Halos around the sun are also sometimes confused for circular rainbows. Such halos are caused when light from the sun or moon reflects off of tiny ice crystals in cirrus clouds 20,000 feet or higher in the sky.

Other circular rainbows sightings have also left their viewers amazed, such as in October, when skydivers in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand reported seeing a circular rainbow as they descended.

Skydiver Anthony Killeen was "laughing and ecstatic" as he descended on his first dive with an instructor and saw the rainbow.

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"All the instructors said they hadn't seen that before," said Killeen.

"Some had seen it from the plane, but never [while] diving," he added.

"It was unbelievable," said the newly minted skydiver, according to Stuff. "We were both ecstatic, laughing together, and kept circling so we could keep looking at it."

Killeen shared his remarkable experience online, posting photos to Imgur and a video to YouTube.

Bernie Welch, 63, reported seeing a circular rainbow above the city of Portsmouth in the U.K. while he was working at Emirates Spinnaker Tower, which is 328 feet high.

"I arrived at work at about 7:30 a.m. and I was with another colleague putting up Christmas decorations on view deck 1," said Welch. "I happened to be in the right place at the right time, as when I looked up I spotted the circular rainbow. The rainbow was there for about 15 minutes before it faded."

"Although I've heard of a circular rainbow being seen from the Spinnaker Tower once before, in the 11 years I've worked here since the tower first opened I've never seen anything like this myself," Welch added. "I feel so lucky and fortunate to have been able to see this."

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