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Construction Crew Makes Unexpected Discovery On O.J. Simpson's Old Property

A construction worker reportedly found a blood-stained knife on O.J. Simpson’s property and it is currently under top-secret investigation by the LAPD. TMZ reports.

The knife was found “years ago," which means it could date back as far as 1998, TMZ reports. However, there have been varying reports on the situation.

Law enforcement sources said the weapon is a folding buck knife, which allegedly had blood residue on the blade. 

The construction worker reportedly gave the knife to the first LAPD officer he saw in the street. He told the police officer where the knife was found and the officer kept it. It turns out, however, that LAPD officer worked in the traffic division and was off-duty at the time, working security for a film in the neighborhood. The officer reportedly kept the knife in his home for several years.

In January, the officer retired from the LAPD. After his retirement, he told a friend from the department’s Robbery Homicide Division that he had been in possession of the knife, which he planned to frame and put on the wall in his house. He reportedly asked his friend for the case number of the Nicole Brown Simpson murder case so that he could have the number engraved in the frame. Nicole was O.J.'s ex-wife.

The Robbery Homicide officer reported the knife to his superiors, who demanded the weapon be turned over for investigation.

The knife will be turned over to the Serology Unit and tested for biological evidence.

O.J. was found not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole in 1995. Since O.J. was found not guilty, the case is reportedly still open. This means that police can continue investigating the murder, but Simpson cannot be prosecuted again.


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