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Construction Crew Makes Shocking Discovery During Demolition

A human corpse was discovered in the chimney of an empty log cabin in Woodland Park, Colorado. The body was discovered while the cabin was being demolished, and the owner says that the body was probably the cause of the rancid smell in the past years.

Chuck Murphy, 79, owns the cabin and is the president of Murphy Constructors. His family has had the cabin for 60 years.

The cabin was once used in an illegal gambling hub called Thunderhead Ranch, described as a ‘wide-open casino’ with slot machines, craps tables Can-Can dancers and working girls. Murphy said that in those wild times, the ranch served great food.

After it was closed down in the late 1950s, Murphy’s brother lived in the cabin for 30 years. It was then rented out and has been vacant for the last 10 years, reported the Colorado Gazette.

Murphy’s father was the defense attorney for the gangster who ran the operation in the trial for illegal gambling, reported Daily Mail.

Now, Murphy is tearing down the cabin to make way a project with 32 single-family lots.

“Occasionally, we’d go in there to check on it and there were mice and chipmunks and raccoons,” Murphy said. “It smelled bad.”

Friday afternoon, the remains of a human were found at the construction site inside the chimney of the cabin, Woodland Park police said. Three separate agencies are trying to identify the remains, reported Pikes Peak Courier.

“We always thought it (the smell) was the raccoons,” Murphy said.

He said that the knees of the body were above its head. The legs no longer had any flesh and were dislodged from the hips. One hand was raised to the corpses face, and the torso had a sweater still on it.

Murphy said he thinks the corpse was a tall, red-headed man with a crew cut, and that he was stuffed into the Chimney years ago during the winter and that he was murdered.

There was also a big piece of furniture in front of the fireplace. “So there was no reason to look in the fireplace,” Murphy said. “We had really no reason to go in there except to tear the building down.”

“I imagine somebody broke in, murdered this guy and stuffed him up the fireplace,” Murphy said. ”They put a big bar across the fireplace to keep him in there.”

Sources: Colorado Gazette, Daily Mail, Pikes Peak Courier

Photo Credit: Anoldent / Flickr


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