UFOs Spotted From Mars Curiosity Rover, Conspiracy Theorists Say (Video)


Individuals have been reporting UFO sightings on Earth for decades. Now that we have a consistent stream of images from the surface of Mars, some have claimed that UFOs have been visiting the red planet in addition to our own. 

The latest Mars UFO sighting was pointed out in a picture taken by the Navcam onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity. The image depicts a portion of Curiosity itself, as well as the rocky surface and a mountainous region of the planet. Upon close investigation, a bright white dot is visible in the top righthand corner of the image, which was published online by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In another image which was reportedly taken just 31 seconds later, the bright light appears closer to the surface of Mars. 

YouTube videos have already been posted for conspiracy theorists to speculate how and why the bright dot appeared to be moving across both images taken by the rover. 

Unsurprisingly, the scientists responsible for introducing their own UFO to the planet — in the form of the two Mars rovers — had a more logical explanation.

“This is a hot pixel that has been around since we started using the Right Navcam,” Justin Maki, leader of the team who built and operates that particular camera, told the Huffington Post.

The bright spots have occurred in such regularity that NASA even issued a statement explaining them. 

“In the the thousands of images we’ve received from Curiosity, we see ones with bright spots nearly every week. These can be caused by cosmic-ray hits or sunlgiht glinting from rock surfaces, as the most likely explanations,” Maki said in the statement.

Sources: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2), Huffington Post, NASA


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