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Conspiracy Theorists Bummed: More Proof Man Landed on Moon

For more than 40 years now conspiracy theorists have insisted that man did not land on the Moon, that it was all an elaborate hoax by the evil federal government. Well, NASA now says new photographs offer definitive proof that man was there.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Oribiter has taken photographs of the Moon's surface that show such things as the lunar rover that was left behind, the touchdown point and astronauts' footprints.

"When I first took a look at these images my jaw dropped to the ground. When you see something you’ve never seen before in a quality you’ve never seen before. It made me speechless," said NASA research scientist Noah Petro.

"At the Apollo 17 Lunar rover landing site we can see where the lunar rover is parked on the surface. We can see where it drove around the lunar module, you can see the areas where the astronauts kicked up the dust when they walked around," he added.

Of course the conspiracy theorists will say these photos are fake too. In any case, here are the photos:


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