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Why Trump Aides Wear A Triangle-Shaped Pin Revealed

Those close to President-elect Donald Trump are wearing triangle-shaped pins so the Secret Service can spot them.

Members of Trump's inner circle are wearing gold-rimmed crimson triangle pins that resemble a slice of pizza on their lapels, which gives the Secret Service the ability to identify them and allow them to enter and exit the security perimeter, the New York Post reports.

Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer was spotted wearing the pin on Jan. 5 in the Trump Tower lobby, and Trump's future senior policy adviser Stephen Miller also wears the pin.

Trump aides have been seen wearing the pin since March 2016, with many chiming in on what the meaning behind it may be, according to Vocativ. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was photographed wearing a pin the most often, and even sported it in his Twitter profile photo. 

David Graham, editor of the International Society for Emblem Studies newsletter, said the Lewandowski-worn pin reminded him of Nazi Germany.

“The use of a pink triangle badge by the Nazis to identify homosexuals, as one of several differently colored badges worn by prisoners in camps, is well-known ... but that hardly seems likely to be the source of this pin,” he said.

Professor Sabine Mödersheim of the University of Wisconsin, who serves on the International Society for Emblem Studies' executive committee, commented on the color scheme of the same pin.

“Split colors… are common in heraldry, sometimes signifying the union of two lines or families," she said."As to the choice of colors, my guess would be that they tried to allude to the Trump gold logos and some vague association with wealth and royalty in the purple."

She added that the pin "just looks like a bad piece of ’80s geometric junk jewelry.”

Any deeper meaning behind the pin is unknown, and so it remains that the now crimson-colored pin is a way for the secret service to know who can get close to the President-elect.

Sources: New York Post, Vocativ / Photo credit: Mad World News

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