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Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones, His Followers Confront Dallas Police Over 'Free Speech' (Video)

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and a group of his followers showed up in Dallas today to hand out 30,000 fliers to support "free speech."

Jones was upset because Dallas police had blocked off parts of the city around Dealey Plaza where an official celebration took place today to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Jones handed out his flyers to his fans outside the U.S. Federal Reserve in Dallas and spoke with a blow horn (video below), notes

In his speech, Jones claimed that Dallas police had "shut down free speech and turned Dallas into Tiananmen Square."

"We're letting the establishment know that our freedom of speech is strong and it's not going anywhere," said Jones.

Later, Jones was confronted by a female plainclothes police officer, who politely told the angry activist and his followers that they were violating the law (video below).

"Within 75 feet of a freeway or service road, according to the Dallas city ordinance, you may not hold a sign," stated the female officer.

After Jones' group booed the officer, Jones stated, "This is important for [my] lawsuit, everybody be quiet."

"The other city ordinance deals with handing put leaflets in city traffic," the female officer added. "You may not step into traffic and hand out leaflets."

"But foreign banks can rape you!" yelled Jones.

Jones' followers then broke into a chant of "Hell no! We won't go!"

He later compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr. as the video came to an end.

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