Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Confronts Police Over Fertilizer Explosion Scene (Video)


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has advocated numerous unproven claims about terrorist attacks being the work of the U.S. government. In addition to his distaste for the federal government, Jones often complains about the "police state" and cops acting like "nazis."

This week, Jones was riding in his RV in West, Texas, when he found that the road to the fertilizer plant -- which exploded last week -- was blocked off by Texas State Troopers, reports (video below).

When the troopers told Jones to turn his vehicle around, he asked them: "Are we bad Americans for coming this way? ...You kinda treat us like scum. Are we the enemy because we're the American people? We are, aren't we?"

The troopers look confused by Jones' outrageous claims, but politely directed him on how to turn his RV around, away from the potential crime scene, which is being investigated.

On his YouTube page, Jones wrote:"We are slaves..... They are god... Long live the police state!!!"

Sources: and YouTube


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