Conspiracy Theories Abound Over Disappeared Malaysian Airlines Flight 370


As people around the world follow the story of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, a number of conspiracy theorists have voiced their own unique notions of what happened to the Boeing 777 that disappeared from the skies last Saturday.

Under the hash tag “#wherediditgo,” Twitter user @vancitychic proposed, “Is it possible an alien ship snatched the Malaysian Airlines flight out of the sky,” while @jakeypants offered, “Well, with no other explanation on the Malaysia Airlines plane disappearance, it's time to blame the Alien/Lizard...”

The New York Daily News also cites theories of pilot suicide, a Chinese group either opposing or part of the country’s Muslim Uighur separatist population, and "Bermuda Triangle-like ripples in the fabric of spacetime,” in the words of one blogger.

And of course there’s the distinct possibility of aliens.

The families of some passengers said they had called their family member’s cell phones and heard ringing, though no one picked up. Interpol is reluctant to ring the terrorism alarm, with slim evidence to support that or any other theory, but that hasn’t stopped some from calling the disappearance a hijacking.

North Korea has also become a go-to target for suspicions of foul play.

Experts are debating the possibility of the plane exploding or disintegrating in midair. For a Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers and crewmembers to vanish without a trace, the outlandish possibility doesn’t seem as unlikely as some of the other theories being tossed around.

Meanwhile, you can join in the search for the missing jet through a worldwide crowdsourcing effort to scan satellite photos for traces of the aircraft. 

And then there's always Reddit.

Sources: New York Daily News, Vocativ, South China Morning Post, CNN


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