Conservatives oppose anti-bullying legislation, because those who are bullied, are gay


I was listening to a right-wing conservative host and she and her guest were of the opinion that the federal government should not intervene to end bullying of gay teens in public schools. She believed, as her guest, that those who basically wish to tell a suspected gay teen that they deserve to burn in a firey hell for their "sin", should have that right. This is what passes for intellectualism today on the far right as the last gasps of the anti-gay movement in our nation, is in its' death throes. Their side is losing. Young people are overwhelminly supportive of gay rights. In fact, in only 6 states are there not at least 45% of those 18-25 who don't support same sex marriage.

So, the last stand for those with hate in their heart is to fight in the schools, because if they can't hold back equality and tolerance there, their days are as doomed as were those of the dinosaurs. What if someone stated that there shouldn't be anti-bullying policies to end bullying against African American teens, especially 40-50 years ago. After all, at that time that group of Americans were as despised by the far right as gays are today. Would we tolerate a student telling their fellow African American student, that he is inferior because of the color of his skin, while calling him "boy", or something even worse? No, that would not be allowed within the confines of a public school, because the forums of a public school would not allow speech that would cause such a degree of disruption.

The right-wing condemns Fred "God hates" because of his protests at military funerals. Seldom do they bring up the reason why he does those protests. It is because Phelps and his church believe that the U.S. isn't anti-gay enough. He believes we don't persecute gays enough in the U.S, so it deserves its' soldiers to die. It's an absurd belief of course. But, is Phelps belief about gays that much different than that of 1/3 or so of Americans, once you get past his protests at military funerals? No, not really. Many people on the far right once again want to imprison gays for consensual adult sex. The Texas and Montana Republican parties have platforms that call for the reinstatement of anti-sodomy laws to once again imprison gay Americans. By the way, Phelps church, the Westboro Baptist church, is indeed a church, in lieu what some say. There are churches that are intolerant. Indeed, a Christian of 700 years ago would more agree with Fred Phelps than the average Christian of today. That is how far we have come, religion and Western society, in the last 700 years.


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