Conservatives Blame Black Lives Matter For Dallas


Some conservatives are blaming the Black Lives Matter movement for the shooting in Dallas that took the lives of five police officers on July 

Black Lives Matter was finishing a peaceful protest when the shots rang out.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told MSNBC on July 8 that black boys who are killed by other black boys are just as dead as black boys who are killed by the police (who are paid to protect people), notes Crooks And Liars.

"I think the reason there's a target on police officers backs is because of groups like Black Lives Matter," Giuliani said. "They make it seem like all police are against blacks, they're not. They're the ones saving black lives. Black Lives Matter is not saving any black lives. It's the police officers who are doing it."

Giuliani did not cite any evidence in which Black Lives Matter has said that all police officers are against black people. He went on to deny that black people are targeted by police, noting that white people are also killed by police.

Giuliani later changed the topic from police violence back to black-on-black violence: "...because the real danger to [blacks] is that black kid is going to shoot you on the street cause that happens many, many more times than police officer."

Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of Texas called Black Lives Matter protestors in Dallas "hypocrites" for not standing up to the armed snipers, during an interview with Fox News on July 8, reports Raw Story:

All these officers last night lost their lives protecting people who were protesting against them. This has to end.  Too many in the general public, who aren’t criminals, but have a big mouth are creating situations like we saw last night!

We have to have their [police] back, and I’m sick and tired of those who are protesting our police and putting their lives in danger.

However, the Black Lives Matter protesters were not protesting against the police, but rather the police killings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota on July 5 and 6

"All those protesters last night, they ran the other way expecting the men and women in blue to protect them," Patrick added. "What hypocrites!"

After complaining about the protesters' free speech, Patrick said he supported the First Amendment, and added that people cannot say the "police are racists, that the police are hateful, that the police are killers."

Patrick didn't mention that U.S. police kill more people in days than many developed nations do in years, or that U.S. police reportedly killed one American every eight hours in 2015.

On CNN, host Jim Sciutto asked political commentator Buck Sexton about Patrick blaming protesters, and Sexton agreed, reports Media Matters for America:

Well, yes. It certainly is partially true. What we've seen, and this has now happened in a number of incidents. And it should be kept in mind that here in New York, we had two NYPD police officers, Ramos and Liu, who were gunned down.

And their killer, their assassin, said that it was because of revenge for Eric Garner, and it was essentially the Black Lives Matter movement he believed inspired him to do this. We've also now seen this in Tennessee, as the secretary mentioned, as well as the horrific events in Dallas last night.

Sources: Crooks And LiarsMedia Matters for America, Raw Story / Photo Credit: Crzrussian/Wikimedia

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