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Conservative Talk Show Host Won't Ride in Taxis with Somali Drivers (Audio)

Conservative talk show host Lisa Benson recently stated that she will not ride in taxis that are driven by Somali drivers because she is afraid for her safety.

On Sunday, Benson recalled on her radio show (audio below) how she recently flew into Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport, which she said is staffed by Somali refugees, noted

"At my airport, Sky Harbor, there is an exclusive contract with the Somali community both for janitorial services and for taxi driving. The city of Phoenix awarded a $10 million dollar contract to ISS Worldwide, headquartered in Denmark, to clean the planes and bathrooms," stated Benson.

"The refugee community has unrestricted access at my airport to baggage, planes, to many, many things,” added Benson.

Benson made a similar claim on her Facebook page in March:

A pilot with Southwest Airlines told me confidentially that the aircrafts are cleaned by a service that ONLY hires Somali refugees who have UNRESTRICTED access to the planes during the night... A few months ago, I saw for myself a Somali janitorial staffer at Sky Harbor Airport holding a Koran.

Speaking on her radio show, Benson recalled, “Getting out of the plane last weekend I went to a taxi stand and quietly asked the attendant to put me in a cab, preferably not a Somali cab,  that was my first mistake as I was trying to protect myself."

"I had every right to be concerned, having just reported on the Kansas City attack and being alerted to the Ukraine crisis for the Jewish community," said Benson.

"I wear a Jewish star all the time, it's very clear I am a Jewish American," stated Benson, who said that her Sudanese cab drive threatened to sue her because she thought he was from the southern of the Sudan when he was from the northern part of the country.

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