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Conservative support for tradition and the monarchy and a royal wedding, in the U.S.

While listening to conservative talk radio, the host mentioned that he enjoyed the tradition of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. He liked the idea of the monarchy giving birth to such a royal wedding. I thought, this is a perfect example of the difference between traditionalist conservatives and secular humanists, such as I. Franky, I don't care about traditions. I really don't. I like traditions in terms of family traditions but when it comes to executing public policy based on tradition, it is a farce. Tradition after all, stated that government was reserved for whatever the king or chief says. Later, tradition was that democracy was reserved to only white property-holding men. Tradition once stated, than a man and woman of different racial groups could not marry. Today, it is used to oppose the right of two men or two women to marry. If that is the record of tradition, than I say discard it, or at least discard it as an argument. Public policies should be examined on what is good for human beings, not based on a tradition which was often unjust.

By the way, I have heard conservatives say that the U.S. should support dictators in the Middle East because they are concerned that democracy there will lead to religious reactionaries achieving power. These are many of the same people who state that gays, atheists etc can be discriminated against here in the U.S. because the majority says so, or used to say so at least. I guess though it depends on which ultra-religious group gains power, it seems.


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