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Conservative Radio Host Alex Jones Detained by TSA at Airport

Conservative radio talk-show host, Alex Jones, is known for his conspiracy theories. Rather than keep it within the radio room, his theories caused him to be detained by the TSA at a Texas airport.

This evening, Jones refused to remove his shoes at a security check-point. Leaving from Texas, he was on his way to New York for an appearance on TV with CNN’s Piers Morgan. Jones not only refused to comply with the safety measures, he told the agents they could have planted something to set off the metal detector.

Jones’ refusal came when he noticed that no one else had been asked to remove their shoes. Apparently, he had been asked to remove them because he caused the metal detector to go off.

A police officer threatened to arrest him if he did not take off his shoes. Supposedly, Jones was hesitant because the last time he removed his shoes at the airport he caught athlete’s foot. InfoWars complains that Jones wasn’t given the option to leave the airport. Instead, he was immediately threatened.

After the threat of arrest, Jones took off his shoes. Still, the metal detector sounded.

InfoWars claims TSA agents then started laughing at Jones, but no one knows if that is accurate. To prevent the situation from getting worse, a TSA manager allowed Jones to pass and continue through the security gates.

TSA claims they were doing their job, explaining to MailOnline that they try to “mitigate risk in a way that ensures security measures while both promoting the safe movement of people and commerce and guarding against a deliberate attack against our transportation systems.”

They continued to explain that all passengers between the age of 12 and 75 undergo shoe screening. Jones made it to New York in time to appear on Piers Morgan Live to argue over gun control.

Morgan, a British citizen, has been blatant about his stance on gun control. He wants tighter gun control laws and received harsh words when he wrote an editorial on guns, calling the gun debate “an ongoing war of verbal attrition in America … I’m just the latest target, the advantage to the gun lobbyists being that I’m British, a breed of human being who burned down the White House in 1814 and had to be forcefully deported en masse, as no American well ever be allowed to forget…”

As a result of his statement in December, many demanded he be deported. You can watch Morgan and Jones go head to head tonight at 9pm EST on CNN.


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