Conservative Larry Elder Attacks Rachel Jeantel with Angry Rant (Video)


Conservative radio host Larry Elder appeared on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' where he went into an angry rant about Trayvon Martin, unemployment among black men, black-on-black violence in Chicago, Indian reservations and his intense dislike of Rachel Jeantel.

At about seven minutes into the interview, Morgan asked Elder how many languages he speaks, which provoked more fury (video below).

“Rachel Jeantel needs to get her act together! If my mother were alive, she would say, ‘How dare she speak like that,’” yelled Elder, noted

Morgan then told Elder that Jeantel speaks three languages, but the angry guest didn't care.

"Do you know her educational background, Larry?" Morgan asked Elder five times.

Why don't you hire her as a co-host if she is so smart," snapped Elder. "I know how she came across on the jury."

That wasn't my question Larry," responded Morgan.

"Let's talk about something relevant! Let's talk about what's facing black America!" said Elder, who then went off on a rant about a black man in Phoenix who allegedly killed a Hispanic man.

"If I could just bring you up to speed on Rachel Jeantel, this woman you think is so stupid," said Morgan. "Rachel Jeantel, when she was young, had a lot of time off school, and fell behind in school because of illness. That's why she wasn't able to go to school. She's actually doing very well, she was a B grade in high school."

"Her grades have since slipped because of the stress she has suffered since the death of her friend Trayvon. She's now been offered a chance by Tom Joyner, people at his foundation, to go to college, get those grades back up and make something of herself," stated Morgan.

Elder then lectured, "Hard work wins, get an education, don't pay attention to negative people, and stay focused and you'll be okay in America."

However, that is exactly what Jeantel is doing without Elder's direction.

According to, Jeantel has a structural underbite, which makes pronunciation very difficult. The underbite condition can only be corrected with surgery.



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