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Conservative Activist James O’Keefe Slams Piers Morgan for 'Armed Security' Sign in Yard (Video)

James O’Keefe, a conservative activist/amateur filmmaker, was ordered this year to pay $100,000 to a former ACORN employee whom he smeared in one of his "undercover videos."

O’Keefe and his company, Project Veritas, have now taken aim at celebrities who oppose assault weapons in his new film (video below), reports

O’Keefe claims that Hollywood personalities who support gun control of real assault weapons are somehow hypocrites for not supporting gun control of fake Hollywood gun props.

In his film, O’Keefe attacks Piers Morgan, who advocates gun control  of assault weapons for private citizens, for having a “Protected by Armed Response Security Systems" sign (pictured) on his yard.

O’Keefe's co-horts tracked down Morgan on a public street and asked if he would sign an “Act Against Arms” pledge to have fake Hollywood guns edited out of past and future movies.

O’Keefe also approached Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Films and got a few signatures to ban fake Hollywood guns in movies, but was appalled that not everyone would sign. He quotes one filmmaker saying: “You’re not realistically going to remove all the guns from every movie every made. … Think about what’s logically, realistically possible.”

However, O’Keefe does not make the distinction between real guns and fake Hollywood guns, which are simply props.

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