Connecticut's Increased Gun Laws Leading to Increased Taxes?

Although the ongoing gun control debate is continuing to snag headlines across the country, very few of those articles have looked into what further restrictions on purchasing guns actually means to the average taxpayer.

As reported by Guns.com – a leading publication for gun-related topics – the more laws, hoops, and barriers prospective gun buyers must go through in order to actually purchase guns, the more the state has to spend additional money in order to regulate the process.

And that means higher taxes.

In Connecticut, a state that recently passed some of the country’s toughest gun laws in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, state police are asking for additional workers to handle a mountain of duties related to the harsher laws.

As reported by the Connecticut Post, the 39 extra workers would cost approximately $2.6 million. The request for extra workers comes at a time when most state agencies are seeing a decline in staff numbers.

Taxpayers would shoulder most of the roughly $1.9 million in wages and $700,000 in benefits needed to pay the civilian employees, who would process paperwork for background checks, gun registries and permits under the new laws.

“It’s a substantial amount of work that needs to be entered into the system,” Lt. J. Paul Vance, the state police spokesman, told the CT Post. “There is a lot of work.”

Sources: Guns.com, CT Post


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