Recently Returned Soldier Surprises Son At Camp Magic Show, Son Jumps Into Father's Arms (Video)


A 9-year-old Connecticut boy had the surprise of his life on Wednesday when he participated in a summer camp magic show and witnessed his previously deployed father reappear.

Ethan Christensen was at the YMCA’s Science Detectives Camp watching their annual magic show when he was called up to help the magician. As the children on stage were handed various hats, Christensen received a military one. When Christensen looked at the name spelled out on his hat, he made the connection and spun around on stage to see his father standing behind him.

Christensen literally jumped into his father’s arms in a happy reunion and refused to let go.

“That was the greatest feeling in the world,” Major Timothy Christensen said. "To get to hug your son.”

Major Christensen is a member of the Army Reserves and spent the last 13 months in Afghanistan during his third deployment. He was recently awarded the Bronze Star.

After flying into Bradley International Airport, Major Christensen’s first priority was to see his son at the YMCA.

After the reunion, Christensen said his mother had done a good job keeping the surprise to herself.

Ready to challenge his father, Christensen ordered his dad to do twenty push-ups, then playfully climbed on his back.

Sources: The Blaze, NBC


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