Leon Hirsch, 85, is Oldest Paternity Defendant in Conn. History

It is often said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and that may be true. But one Connecticut man still has a few old ones up his sleeve as he looks to avoid paying child-support.

85-year-old Leon Hirsch, the former boss of US Surgical Corp., has been battling Turi Rostad in the courtroom for more than four years after he fathered a child with her over 20 years ago. Hirsch was married to his second wife when he and Rostad first slept together, according to The New York Post.

As part of an old agreement between Hirsh and Rostad, after she had their child despite his advice to have the baby aborted, he was to pay $2,500 per month in child support but wasn’t required to take a paternity test or admit that he was the child’s father. It is believed that deal netted Rostad as much as $532,000 before she filed the more recent suit against Hirsh.

The new suit stems from Hirsh’s refusal to kick in half of the money for his son Alex’s $22,000 annual private-school tuition. Besides balking at chipping in for the schooling costs, Hirsh has also argued that he should only have to pay the minimum in child support, $473 per week, and gone so far as to claim that he is not the boy’s father despite the fact that a court-ordered paternity test revealed otherwise.

Rostad’s lawyer, Andrew Devlin, has called Mr. Hirsch’s struggle to avoid paying for his child “a war of attrition,” but doesn’t really seem to think it’s a war that Hirsch is going to win.

“I think attempting to bleed his son and his [son’s] mother is the last thing he should be doing,” Devlin said. “Why spend five years and what will be for him, ultimately, millions of dollars in legal fees?”

Source: (New York Post)


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