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Shoplifting Suspects Caught After Man Jumped On The Hood Of Their Car, Punched Through Their Windshield

A Connecticut man reportedly punched through a car's windshield to stop shoplifting suspects from fleeing a grocery store.

Chad Brewer, 24, went to the store and something odd was happening, WFSB News reported.

According to police, there was a shoplifting complaint at the Stop & Shop in Manchester, Connecticut, on Tuesday afternoon. A suspect was spotted hiding items in her purse.

Security approached the woman and there was a brief altercation. She then ran to the parking lot, where Brewer saw her.

He stepped in front of the vehicle to prevent her from leaving, but she drove toward him anyway.

Brewer then climbed on top of the hood of the car and punched a hole in the windshield. Police arrived while the vehicle was moving with Brewer still on the car.

"She pulled up right to my knees," he told WFSB. "I thought she was going to stop and instead she gunned it, and I hopped onto the hood and held on for dear life."

Brewer jumped off the car further down the street and suffered a minor injury to his wrist and leg. 

Police arrested two suspects, 52-year-old Barbara Jackson and 49-year-old Mary Jordan.

The two women were then involved in a pursuit through the town before getting onto the Interstate. They exited in Hartford, but police had already been able to close the ramp. 

Jackson and Jordan were arrested at the exit.

Jackson was charged with reckless driving, engaging police in a pursuit, evading responsibility, sixth-degree larceny, first-degree reckless endangerment, and first-degree assault.

She is being held on $200,000 bond and is scheduled to face a judge Wednesday.

Jordan was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and conspiracy to commit sixth-degree larceny and her bond was set at $5,000.

The two women both have criminal records that include stealing and prostitution.

Sources: WFSB, Fox CT

Photo Credit: Manchester Police, Anthony92931/Wikipedia CC


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