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Connecticut Man Gursky Arrested For Warning Bank Staff Of Man With Gun

On Monday, Connecticut resident Robert Gursky likely thought he was doing the right thing by telling the staff at TD Bank of Glastonbury that a man was carrying a gun in the bank.

Little did Gursky know that slipping the teller a note saying “gun” would get him arrested and slapped with a breach of peace charge.

"He (Gursky) was trying to relay to the teller (that) someone had a gun," Glastonbury police detective Kevin Szydlo said. "As a result of the investigation of the bank employees, he was cited with breach of peace. It could have been a level of confusion, but certainly it was confusing for everyone involved, even the people from the bank.”

The bank staff became alarmed by Gursky’s warning and activated the bank’s robbery protocol. After police arrived at the scene, they found that the carrier was carrying the gun legally and had no ill-intent. Gursky was then interviewed by police and hit with the breach of peace charge.

“We are not a concealed carry state, but you can’t carry in a manner that causes alarm to the public so it’s a fine line, finding balance, that is why so many choose to carry concealed,” Szydlo said.

Anyone else out there find this charge a bit excessive? 

Sources: UPI, WTNH


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