Connecticut Man Fatally Stabbed During Cross-Country Bike Ride To Propose To Girlfriend


A man who was cycling down the east coast with an engagement ring in his pocket was stabbed to death at a Florida McDonald’s Monday night before he reached his girlfriend in Miami.

Kevin Adorno, who lived in Connecticut, was killed by a man named Rene Herrera Cruz who is reportedly homeless and thought Adorno was plotting to murder him, according to the Daily Mail.

Police arrested Cruz, 59, the night of the stabbing and charged him with first-degree murder. Cruz had reportedly given police trouble before.

Adorno was talking on the phone with his girlfriend, Elyse, at the time he was attacked in Vero Beach. He was stopping by a McDonald’s location for a quick snack before continuing on his trip. Elyse said she heard his phone drop while they were talking and was then alarmed to hear sirens soon after, according to FoxCT. A witness told WPBF that Cruz attacked Adorno outside the chain restaurant about 9:30 p.m.

Cruz stabbed Adorno multiple times in the arm and chest before he collapsed at a nearby restroom, officials said.

“Although EMS and Fire Rescue also assisted in the attempts to save Adorno, he succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced deceased a short time later at the IRMH,” police said.

It had been a life goal for Adorno, the owner of a graphic design shop, to cycle down the east coast. Friends and family said they will miss his adventurous spirit and his friendliness.

“Just a pure soul as charismatic as anyone could ever be, smile from ear to ear always generous,” said Kenneth Silva, one of Adorno’s friends, according to WPFB. “Just a really good guy.”

Police are still investigating the incident.

Source: Daily Mail


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