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Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Avoid Getting Married

A Connecticut man recently faked his own death to escape marrying his fiancée, who had planned for their wedding to take place Aug. 15.

Tucker Blanford, 23, called his girlfriend of two years, Alex Lanchester, and pretended to be his own father as he told her that he had died in a car crash, according to the Daily Mail.

Lanchester, who is from England, said that she is glad that she did not marry Blanford now because she realizes he is a “liar and a coward.”

Lanchester found out her fiancé was lying to her when she called his American parents to say she was sorry for their loss and was told that he was still alive.

“He has shattered my trust, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be in a relationship again. All I ever did was love him,” she said. “I’m so sick of being messed around and I’m glad to be rid of him.”

Lanchester met Blanford in August two years ago while she was studying abroad in the United States.

She said she hadn’t been in love with anyone the same way she had with Blanford when they started dating, and that he proposed before she went back to England

She decided to go all out planning the wedding, buying a handmade dress from eBay and spending £600 on bridesmaid dresses, photographers and other items for the wedding. She also offered to pay for Blanford’s flight to England so they could plan and spend some time together.

Still, a week before the couple was supposed to meet in England, Lanchester received a phone call from Blanford.

“I picked up my phone and there was a man saying he was Tucker’s dad. He told me Tucker had been deeply depressed and wanted to die, so had thrown himself in front of a car,” she said. “The man explained that they had been trying to send Tucker off to a psychiatric unit for help. But it was too late. I couldn’t breathe. It was absolutely devastating.”

But after calling his parents, she realized that the phone call was fake.

“I’m a terrible, awful person. I know I shouldn’t have told her I was dead, but I didn’t know what else to do,” Blanford said about his actions. “Alex is an amazing girl but I got scared and wanted to get out of the relationship. It was moving extremely fast and with us being in different countries, it was really hard.”

He said he was simply scared of telling the truth and confronting Alex about breaking up.

“At the time I just felt like I couldn’t tell the truth and thought if I could just postpone everything it would be better,” he said.

Lanchester said she was heart-broken because of Blanford, and that she thinks what he did is sickening.

“Looking back, maybe I was naive. But I really loved him and never thought he would go to such extreme measures to dump me. I’ve cried until I felt numb but now I’m just really angry,” she said. “I’ll be spending our would-be wedding day making new memories without him.”

Source: Daily Mail


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